We are proud to partner once again with local schools to Scare Away Hunger. Your participation is a valued part of our annual It’s Spooky to Be Hungry® campaign, and we thank you for linking arms with us to help feed local families in need. 

Option 1: Host A Virtual Drive

Your school can participate in the It’s Spooky to Be Hungry® Virtual Drive — our online fundraising campaign. After you create your team and fundraising page, you can invite parents, faculty, colleagues and friends to donate by sending them a custom hyperlink or directing them to this page: 

Benefits of a Virtual Food Drive

  • No-contact fundraising without using food collection barrels. 
  • No health or safety concerns about collecting food donations in your hallways or classrooms
  • Include students who are learning from home.
  • Every 2 dollars raised provides 5 meals to children, seniors and families struggling with hunger.
  • All of this can be done from your smartphone or computer.
  • Customize the name of your team. Example “Cross Creek High School NJROTC”
  • Setting this up is easy and takes less than five minutes. We are happy to help with this!
  • Once you create your team, it is immediately ready for fundraising
  • Set goals, track your team’s progress and share the unique link for your team via social media, email blast, text message, newsletter, etc.
  • Students, parents, faculty, family and friends can choose any team to donate to.
  • Start a friendly competition with other schools or classes. Competition example: “Cross Creek NJROTC” team challenges the “Cross Creek Football team” to raise the most funds
  • Anyone can view the dollars raised for each team in real-time on the Spooky website. 
  • Click here to see schools, neighborhoods and local businesses who have already started a virtual drive
  • Click here for a child hunger video

Option 2: Host A Traditional Food Drive

Due to limited resources and truck drivers, if you arerequesting food collection barrels from GHFB after September 15th, we cannot guarantee these can be delivered before September 29th.   

Please submit your registration by clicking below, and also contact Ariel Leone at or 706-736-1199 ext 231 

If we are unable to deliver food collection barrels, schools can still support It’s Spooky To Be Hungry in October by:

1) Using your own food collection containers. Sturdy, plastic bins work well for this. See example here.

2) Starting a virtual food drive (see option 1 above).

3) Dropping off food donations on Saturday 10/21 at any of the food collection points listed here. More locations will be added in the coming weeks.

4) Volunteer on Saturday 9/30. See info here.

Questions About Spooky for Schools?

Ariel Leone 
706-736-1199 ext. 231


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Media Contact
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